Dear customers!

We have received a huge number of questions from our customers concerning the information about the prohibition of polyurethane (PU) sandwich panels in Latvia from August 8, 2015 published on the website of SIA Ruukki Latvija. According to SIA Ruukki Latvija this prohibition occurred due to changes in the VS EN 14509 standard.


Meanwhile, SIA Ruukki Latvija failed to provide explicit reference to the text of the standard concerning the above-mentioned restrictions. Taking into consideration the fact that our partnering manufacturers and suppliers possess no information about the limitation of use of PU-panels, as well as the fact that SIA Emimar disposes of the authentic LVS EN 14509:2014 text, we would like to make a declaration about the effective date of the new LVS EN 14509:2014 standard and the changes have taken place.

From 14.10.2015 till 17.10.2015 EMIMAR is on a visit in the town Lillestrøm, located 18km far from Oslo, where the biggest Norwegian industrial fair Bygg Reis Deg begins today. In 2013 the fair was participated by more than 50 000 people.



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Eight-storied Academic Centre of Natural Sciences of University of Latvia was inaugurated on September 7 in Torņakalns, Riga. By LNK Industries Group request, Emimar was engaged in roofing and waterproofing systems installation: PVC waterproof roofing systems by Protan, green roofing system with drainage and vapor barrier membranes by Bauder, as well as waterproofing of the main building courtyard, terraces, balconies and outbuildings.

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For several years, SIA Emimar has successfully cooperated with one of Norway's largest construction companies AS HENT. Our current facility is a complex of commercial and industrial buildings in Bergen. The total area of the site amounts to 8500 m2. One of the buildings – a warehouse – has a non-standard architectural design: all four exterior walls deviate significantly from the vertical.

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