Steel gutter system - NIAGARA available in our offer is a complete drainage system, perfect for all roof types, and is used for both new and reconstructed buildings, no matter the roofing.

The unmistakable advantage of steel coated gutters is their high resistance to mechanical damages. Long term reliability is acquired thanks to the use of polyurethane protective layer which is characterized by excellent effective parameters (high resistance to corrosion and colour durability).

Gutters offered are deeper than other avaialable on market which allows them to drain larger amounts of rain water without the risk of overflowing.

Combi hooks enable assembly without the necessity of re-assembling the roofing. The gutters are joined together and with the corners with the use of gutter joints with pads and do not require additional sealing. Contractors have often confirmed the easiness and simplicity of the structure’s assembly.

At this moment we have 8 different sizes, which can be used in all types of building.


Available sizes

110/90 residential houses of small cubature
125/90 residential houses
125/100 residential houses
150/100 farm buildings
150/120 industrial building
150/150 hall buildings
190/120 apartment buildings
190/150 production/warehouse halls

We have available different materials:


Gutters are produced from steel of highest quality, galvanised and both sides covered with polyurethane (50 μm).
Thanks to usings such materials we are sure, that we can guarantee colour stability and high resistance to all weather conditions.


It is a product characterized by a more attractive price, while maintaining the main advantages of NIAGARA gutters.
The system offered is an economical version of the NIAGARA coated gutters known and valued by the roofers.


Titan – zinc is a zinc alloy with little titan, copper and aluminium. It has very good durability parameters.
As a result of weather conditions, there forms a thin, matt layer of monoxide – patina on the glossy surface of the gutter.
Matt effect is natural and demand as a security from corroision, which do not have to be painted or extra secured.
Titan in the alloy makes it more resistant to acid rains. It is less durable than copper, but is cheaper.


Niagara TYTANIUM system is aluminium, titanium, molybdenum, manganese, chrome.
Gutters are light, resistant to erosion and ageing.
As aluminium melts in low temperature, it can create an alloy with titanium, which makes the alloy more resistant.
The chrome in the alloy makes it more resistant for corrosion and salt effect.