optigreen The company EMIMAR is the official distributor of the materials for Optigreen green roofs in Latvia.
Our company sells materials, gives advice on the issue of roof greening and sells green flat and pitched roofs.

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Green roof means supplemental green space that enhances the house attractiveness, broadens the useful area of the territory and deals with operational issues of the roof service.

The German company Optigreen has been engaged in roof greening for over 40 years already and during this time due to combination of expertise and continuous innovative development has become the leader in the green roof market. Over the years a variety of system solutions for different types of roofs were developed. All materials are manufactured according to the best German technologies that secure green roof durability and environmental friendliness

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Benefits of roof greening

icon1 Green roofs serve much longer because insulation layers are protected from ultraviolet radiation and other negative natural phenomena. In the long run it spares the funds considerably.
icon2 Green roofs secure thermal protection: in summer they reduce heating of the premises and in winter they sustain heat which in its turn enhances the comfort level.
 icon3 During heavy rainfall the green roof system retains and gradually drains away the water whereby it clears the house drainage system and municipal water disposal systems.
 icon4 From the standpoint of ecology roof greening substantially refines local micro climate by restoring topsoil.
 icon5 Topsoil filtrates the air from pollutants and dust reducing СО2 level.
 icon6 Roof greening restores the environment and secures temporary or forever home for birds and insects.
 icon7 Green roof is the element of sustained development in construction. Accessible roofs can serve as supplementary public spaces, children’s playgrounds, sports areas and meeting-places.

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System solutions

Green roofs are conditionally divided into two types: extensive and intensive. Extensive roofs are the roofs covered with relatively thin layer of substrate with hardy plants (sedum, grass, cereals) which in the future narrows down their maintenance. Intensive roofs are the so-called — „roof gardens”, they require more substrate, all plants may be set out on them — perennials, brushes and trees, they may serve as grounds for leisure … basically it is a genuine garden but on the roof.

The company Optigreen offers different system solutions for both types of roof greening in Riga and all over Latvia.

Extensive greening



  • Traditional sandwich construction with drainage storage element and system filter.
  • The best economically sound green roof system solution.
  • Roof greening that requires minimal maintenance.
  • Relatively low bio diversity: sedums are predominantly used as topsoil.
  • Can be used in inverted roofs, with additional specifications.
 2 light


  • Lightweight green roof system solution.
  • Sustainable antierosion solution; used only with secure waterproof system.
  • Can be used for flat roofs (without drainage slopes) with some restrictions.
  • For regions with dry climate sprinkler system can be installed.
  • Somewhat increased requirements for technical maintenance and cost of installation compared to Optigreen economy roof.
 3 nature


  • Multilayer system solution with drainage storage element.
  • High level of flora and fauna biodiversity.
  • Roof greening according to ecological standards.
  • Habitat for butterflies, bees and other insects.
  • Longtime and bright blossoming every year.
  • Recycled plastic is used.
  • Substrate thickness can be adjusted to different kinds of plants.
  • Can be used in inverted roofs with additional specifications.
 4 pitched 1


  • A secure option for different kinds of pitched roofs.
  • Various system solutions depending on the roof structure determined by technical specifics.
  • Economically-viable and secure landslide protection system (basically used in the roofs with a grade of more than 15°).
  • Substrate thickness and vegetation can be adjusted.

Intensive greening

 5 garden


  • Multilayer system solution with drainage storage element.
  • Intensive type of greening.
  • Use of green roof as additional living space.
  • Perennial gardens, open lawns for leisure, shrub blocks, recreation areas, etc.
  • Automatic sprinkler system can be used.
  • Can be used in inverted roofs with additional specifications.
 7 landscape


  • Multilayer system solution with drainage storage element.
  • Most “green” system solution with relatively small weight.
  • Exclusive landscape design; the option to grow everything — from perennial plants to trees.
  • Greening of the underground car-park roofs.
  • Can be used in inverted roofs.
 8 public 1 Benefits
  • Pedestrial area.
  • Accessible for motor cars and cargo trucks.
  • Accessible for fire fighting vehicle.
  • Can be combined with green areas on the roof.
  • Small thickness and light weight of the system solution.
  • An option to lighten up the system solution.
  • Vehicular and pedestrian green surfaces on the roof: areas of ”sustained grass lawns” or “green grates”: parking places, access ways, areas, etc.
 9 solar 2


  • Favourable combination of green roof and solar walls.
  • Stable and “non-penetrating” mount of the system.
  • An option to grow vegetation under the panels.
  • Increased locating support of the solar walls to reduce the shadow effect for the vegetation.
  • Easy technical maintenance.
  • Passed the test in wind tunnel.
  • Extra performance of the solar panels.
  • Can be used in inverted roofs with additional specifications.