The main scope of our work is mounting wall enclosures using sandwich panels, facade cassetons and polycarbonate. 

Emimar  offers a full complete set of building construction materials, turn-key ready installation of prefabricated buildings, sale of certain products, which you can see on our website, as well as consulting, design, installation supervision services.

EMIMAR SIA offers:

  • full complete set of building materials:
  • sandwich panels: wall, roof and corner;
  • thermal insulation of mineral wool and extruded polystyrene foam;
  • new generation thermal insulation with polyurethane foam (PUR)
  • new generation thermal insulation with polyisocyanurate foam (PIR)
  • corrugated sheets and structural profiles of types Z-, C-, H-, ∑;
  • PROTAN  isolated PVC roofing membranes;
  • ESSMANN  ventilation and smoke extraction systems;
  • fastening elements;
  • custom shaped elements;
  • drainage systems;
  • industrial systems from translucent polycarbonate;
  • facade cassette systems.

We offer mutually advantageous cooperation to architects, construction companies, as well as companies, entrepreneurs and individuals planning construction works.

Sandwich panels  are used in construction of public buildings (shops, gyms, gas stations, etc.) and industrial buildings. Three-layer self-supporting sandwich panels  are mainly used for external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container construction, etc. The number of structures raised using sandwich panels has been increasing, which makes them optimal through their cost, durability and efficiency. Sandwich panels are large lightweight construction panels consisting of two outer cladding profiled sheets and a core. They provide excellent heat and sound insulation and possess fire resistance and mechanical strength, which are really important features for enclosing constructions. Hygienic and easy-to-maintain surfaces are extremely important in food industry where facing materials are exposed to special detergents, damp operating conditions, and high temperature environment.

Trapezoidal sheets  is a galvanized steel sheet. Trapezoidal sheets are cold-rolled mill products made from high-quality galvanized steel with different types of colored polymer coating by technology that ensures high quality and durability. Trapezoidal sheets is one of the most economical types of steel products. It is used in walling, fencing and roofing, as well as for making wall panels and ceilings. Trapezoidal sheets  can be used as non-removable falsework for concreting floor decks.

We offer a full range of construction services from blueprint to turnkey for pre-fabricated structures.

Pre-fabricated structures  are built using metal frames. The walls of such structures can be made using permanent formwork, but are usually assembled from sandwich panels or assembled sheets. Pre-fabricated structures  can be assemblable and modular.

The walls and roofs of such buildings are bolted or welded that allows for all-season assembling and greatly accelerates the process. Lightweight fencing and roofing structures reduce metal frame and foundation load, which significantly reduces the cost of construction.

Bolted joint structures are mobile: they can be disassembled and transported to another location. Small one-story prefabricated buildings can be installed on flat ground without foundation.