Certifikat EMIMAR

profil t14 mini

Emimar SIA is an official representative of «Blachy Pruszyński»

PRUSZYŃSKI uses metal from European manufacturers and offers a guarantee from 10 to 45 years on all kinds of advanced-technology products affordable to Latvian customers. Emimar managers and engineers provide their customers with complex technical support.

Benefits of profiled sheeting: 

  • low weight;profil t150
  • a wide range of colors from RAL and RR catalogs, paint coatings PE (glossy and mat polyester), PURAL (polyurethane); PURMAT;  and forms of profiling from Т6 to Т160;
  • small amounts of waste;
  • easy installation regardless of the season;
  • low cost compared to traditional methods of construction;
  • corrosion resistance: all products are coated with a zinc layer and colored;
  • widely used in both new construction and renovation of buildings;


Benefits of PRUSZYNSKI profiled sheeting:profils c

  • high quality European steel Arcelor Mittal;
  • fast production time (from 2 days);
  • high physical and technical characteristics approved by European technical institutions;
  • European certificate of quality (CE);
  • corrosion resistance with a manufacturer warranty of 10 to 40 years under the terms of CONFIDEX;
  • standard material thickness from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm.  


Benefits of «Emimar»:profils z

  • ten years of experience and great support in the materials choice;
  • economic and technical optimization of the project, which includes other materials;
  • rapid provision of the estimated material cost;
  • fast computer calculation of certified profiled sheeting;
  • prompt material delivery (from 3 days);
  • professional mounting crews;
  • construction supervision services;
  • indemnity insurance from 3 to 5 years.

vodostokEmimar offers cooperation to architectural bureaus, construction companies, construction shops. We want to make sure that our customers are provided with both short-term gain and positive feedback in the future.