Hinged ventilated facade is a facade system consisting of cladding materials, which are mounted on galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum frame against the carrier layer of the wall. This allows for free air circulation intermediate cavity that removes moisture. Ventilated facades have all-purpose fixtures that allows to solve complex architectural and design tasks—from classic to cutting edge.

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Walls are additionally insulated with mineral wool, polyurethane foam (PUR) or polyisocyanurate foam (PIR, IPN) attached with dish-shaped dowels. The gap between the insulation and facade must not exceed 20 mm. This allows upward airflows to circulate between the facing material and the wall to eliminate any surplus moisture. In order to prevent air escaping from the insulation layer, the latter is covered with a windproof vapor permeable membrane (when using mineral wool). The use of insulated ventilated facade takes the dew point beyond the bearing walls to the insulation area.

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This system contributes to heat conservation, prevents dampness and significantly reduces the amount of construction material, which leads to construction cost cutout, structure weight reduction and the possibility of increasing the number of floors. The air gap between the wall and the decorative panel considerably reduces heat transfer. 

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Main benefits of hinged ventilated facade systems:

  • use of different cladding materials (metal, brick, stone, wood facade boards (bars), composite, ceramic granite, batten profile, aluminum sheet, asbestos cement and fiber cement sheets);
  • wide range of color combinations (color map): branded RAL and RR color maps;
  • high heat and sound insulation characteristics;
  • thanks to the insulation layer, the dew point is taken beyond the bearing wall;
  • significant reduction of heating expenses;
  • durability: up to 50 years of maintenance-free operation;
  • resistance to atmospheric factors;
  • all-season quick installation.

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Ventilated facade cladding types:

  • cassette ventilated facades;
  • metal sliding systems (FASETTI, PFLAUM);
  • composite panels (NEOBOND);
  • composite panels (CORTIZO);
  • ceramic ventilated facades (FAVETON);
  • ceramic granite facades;
  • fiber cement panels;
  • facade planks (wooden facade planks);
  • granite ventilated facades;
  • HPL panel facades;
  • terracotta ventilated facades;
  • glazing facades;
  • fiber cement siding facades.

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Emimar is the official representative of CORTIZO — a Spanish manufacturer of ventilated facade systems. Emimar offers mutually beneficial cooperation to construction companies and architectural offices. Our experience is an opportunity to implement your ideas.

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