Facade systems with composite panels

Composite panels are generally large format facade panels consisting of a stable core material and two covering layers.

The composite structure makes them highly elastic and enables architects to create imposing architectural designs, which follow the contours of the building and can even be rounded.

The covering layers can be supplied in an almost limitless range of colours.

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Aluminium composite

 HPL 9

High pressure laminate

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Stone fibre

Aluminium composite panels are composite panels consisting of two aluminium sheets covering a plastic core. Alternatively, a mineral core material can be used to increase fire resistance. High pressure laminate facade panels are made from thermoset plastic laminates (HPL) provide effective weather protection Stone fibre is based on basalt, which is transformed into a fibrous material and pressed into facade panels as mineral wool.


Facade systems with metal panels

A wide range of metal materials are suitable for use in ventilated curtain walls. Colour coated aluminium and steel profiles are the most widespread but high quality materials with a natural colour, such as copper and zinc, are also commonly used.

Metal cladding materials are generally installed as panels or fluted sheets but plain sheet panels – riveted or fastened on the rear side – are also used.







In facade construction, aluminium is generally used as plain sheet panels,    panels or coffered facade elements. Copper has been used as a cladding material in construction for centuries. Zinc used in the construction sector is extremely pure (approx. 99.995 percent) and has natural, corrosion-resistant properties


Facade systems with ceramic and natural materials

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Facade systems with ceramic panels

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Facade systems with tiles

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Facade systems with natural stone

Ceramic panels for ventilated curtain walls are based on the same raw materials used to manufacture standard ceramic tiles. Facade systems with tiles are made from natural clays. The raw material is mixed, extruded, cut to size and fired. Natural stone cladding has been used in facades on exterior walls since ancient times.