EMIMAR presents single-layer PVC&TPO waterproofing membranes, perfectly suitable for roofs of any type, including roof gardens (the so-called "green roofs"), as well as for waterproofing foundation structures, floors and ponds. PVC & TPO systems make structures sustainable and resistant to the influence of ambient factors. Single-layer systems meet the construction standards effective in Latvia and the EU and the Broof fire resistance rating T1, T2, T3, T4.
EMIMAR offers two kinds of single-layer membrane systems: PVC PROTAN and TPO/FPO POLYFIN.
Each product has its own special features and purposes.
Our managers will be happy to explain every detail of these systems whenever required.

PROTAN PVC systems
Flat, inclined, vaulted roofs
Green roofs and terraces
pvc protan sistema
New construction or repairs
Flat and green roofs
Foundations and floors ponds
tpo polyfin sistema
New construction or repairs

Single-layer roof systems are one of the most popular flat roof materials. Offering excellent longevity and resistance to rupture, punctures and European and Arctic climate conditions, membranes are incredibly light, typically weighing between 1.5 and 3 kg per square metre. Quickness of installation puts these systems far ahead of the competing traditional multi-layer solutions. At that, the service life is 10 to 20 years longer without any considerable repair costs.

Why just one layer?
Single-layer membranes are quick to install. These are durable and highly flexible.
All our waterproofing membranes come with a 10 to 15 year warranty. PROTAN and POLYFIN manufacturing plants exert every effort to maintain compliance of products with the top quality criteria of the construction market.

Systems are installed using hot air welding technologies with mechanical fastening or glued connections, which ensures longevity, resistance to natural elements and excellent fire resistance. Experience and quality of installation are of primary importance for ensuring success of a construction project. Truly professional installation services can only be provided by contractors approved by PROTAN and POLYFIN, which have been fully trained and certified to perform installation of PVC & TPO/FPO products. Manufacturer's warranty only applies if the installation was carried out by a certified contractor.

EMIMAR is the exclusive representative of the Norwegian manufacturer PROTAN AS and a certified installation contractor representing the German manufacturer POLYFIN AG.

Environment protection
All industrial waste resulting from the production of single-layer membranes is recycled within the boundaries of the production process and transformed into other elements, thus minimising the consumption of raw materials. Our manufacturing plants reduce water consumption by means of using automated industrial rotary cooling systems and reducing power consumption to mitigate environment pollution.
The mechanical locking option available to any single-layer system eliminates the need for external components. If a membrane requires repairs, any element can be replaced without affecting the quality of water and steam insulation.

Technical support
Our technical manager will help you choose between the two single-layer systems.
You can also have free access to our CAD drawing library and technical documentation.
Recommendations on the design of flat roofs are available to help you make the right choice.

Brief technical data
PROTAN PVC membranes have a high tensile strength of 1050 N / 50 mm and contain polymers to ensure flexibility at -30 °C. Physiochemical composition provides protection against chemicals and microorganisms. These membranes have one of the best water vapour diffusion factors, µ=13 500 (EN 1931)

POLYFIN TPO/FPO membranes are free of plasticisers, halogens and heavy metals. These membranes have a high tensile strength of 900 N / 50mm and contain high-quality polymers to make these flexible at -40 °C.

Both systems are halogen-free, preventing the spread of flame in case of fire, and installed using safe flameless automatic installation equipment utilising the hot air welding technique.

We can provide an extensive record of completed projects in the Baltic States and Scandinavia, from SANITEX and RIMI logistics centres, IKEA shopping malls, JAGUAR and KIA motor centres to private terrace designs. Of course, each project has its own unique requirements. If you are looking for a PVC & TPO/FPO membrane roofing system, please feel free to contact our team and discuss the individual needs of your project.