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About Protan

Protan is a Norwegian family-owned company with rich history. Since its establishment in 1937, Protan has become one of the world's major producers of PVC membranes. The company employs more than 800 people. Protan Group includes all enterprises of the production cycle, from the development and preparation of raw materials to the final installation of membrane structures. Protan supplies more than 10 000 m2 of membranes annually. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 14001 for environmental management. Most of Protan products (about 60%) are exported to more than 40 countries.   They include roofing membranes, technical textiles (membranes for warehouses, aircraft hangars, etc.) And Ventiflex—ventilation systems for tunnels and underground structures.  Since 1972, Protan has installed more than 100 million m2 of PVC roofing. Many of the roofs installed over 30 years ago are still in operation and good condition. Protan is the world's only company producing PVC roofing membranes with its own assembly organizations. Protan has sales offices throughout Scandinavia as well as in the UK, Poland, Romania and Turkey. In other countries, the company operates through its official representatives. 

  We carry out compulsory
quality control when mounting
    Norwegian roofing membranes Protan
are reliable, easy to install and environmentally friendly.
Protan roofing is assembled by professionals
authorized at our training center
  PVC membranes Protan are used on different construction sites: warehouses, factories, office buildings, gas stations, houses and others  

Protan PVC membranes

Protan has been producing PVC roofing membranes since 1972 in cooperation with Swiss company Sarna. Norwegian experts have perfected them for the harsh environment of northern countries. Modern PVC membranes are durable, fire, cold and UV resistant.

Protan PVC membranes

Figure 1. Protan PVC membranes

Protan vs bitumen en



Protan SE membranes are reinforced with special polyester netting.   This a reinforcing material with a complex configuration of fibers for maximum strength. Over the past decades, Protan has significantly improved the quality of reinforcement achieving the best results. This was facilitated by the launch of their own reinforcement netting plant. Flat filaments of the main netting do not intertwine with each other, which provides a more stable thickness of the upper and lower layers, increases the flexibility of the membrane in all directions without loss of its strength properties.


Non-slip surface

All Protan membranes have a uniquenon-slip surface.   Compared with non-textured materials, it is more safe especially when roofing works are carried out in wet and snowy conditions. It allows to work on roofs with a slope of more than 10%. Protan cares about the health and safety of their assembly crews.

Anti-puncture resistance

Protan PVC membranes are accustomed to walking on them during inspections and maintenance. In particularly severe operating conditions (emergency snow clearing, adjoining high-rise residential buildings, etc.) extra protection is recommended. In areas of constant load (general access to the roof), we recommend to create special Protan membrane tracks.


Rich color palette

Optionally, membranes can have various colors. It should be noted that the 15-year warranty applies to color preservation, therefore the membranes of non-standard colors (not dark gray or light gray) are more expensive. It is important to remember that the color perception of a roof depends on illumination and environment shades.

Excellent weldability

Weld seams are just as strong as membrane themselves. The edges are welded automatically, which allows to maintain constant temperature and welding speed. Manual welding is used in roof areas containing technological structures. Protan Membranes do not lose their weldability over the lifetime, which makes them easy to repair.


UV resistance

It is well known that ultraviolet light has a major destructive impact on polymer and bitumen materials. Addition of high-quality filters and stabilizers make Protan SE resistant to UV light. It is especially important in northern latitudes.

Chemical resistance

Protan SE PVC membranes are highly resistance to external aggressive environment. Application of Protan SE membranes in industrial centers has confirmed their resistance to oxidants, carbon dioxide, industrial gases, acid rain, and industrial dust.


Frost resistance

The balanced formula of PVC compound and expensive high-quality plasticizers allow membranes to remain flexible even at -30 °C (up to -52 °C in Russia). These features allow the use of Protan membranes in the most severe northern latitudes. The manufacturer has not set any lower temperature threshold. Protan PVC materials do not require warm storage conditions before installation at low temperatures, or any changes in the method of installation.


Ultimate strength is an important property of membranes, which affects the ability to resist the lifting force of the wind, thermal vibrations and movements of the building. High tensile strength is essential in mechanically secured roofing systems. The tensile strength of Protan SE membranes is not less than 1100 H per 50 mm strip with the stretch of not less than 15%. 95% of high strength characteristics are provided by a special Protan reinforcing net developed in 2001, and 5% depen on the strength of PVC membrane layers.